Content types

We are a content agency helping digital marketing companies and internal marketing departments of businesses with various types of content.

From regular, 1,500 – 3,500 words blog and article creation on business content hubs, to in-depth, pillar research articles of 6,000 to even 10,000 words, product descriptions and structured, business landing page content, we are a one-stop-shop for the highest quality content that you can get for your website.

Written by heavily trained SEO savvy copywriters, using advanced research tools to assist in crafting the best copy that we can, our service will deliver the ultimate experience and quality for your content needs.

Let’s see below a few types of content that we produce for our clients on a regular basis.

Regular blog posts on business websites

Businesses need content on their website to draw in new audiences from creative sources, and to show to their existing audience that they really are the experts in their industry.

Let’s take a few case scenarios.

If you or your clients have a solicitor/law website, you should be writing tips and advice about questions that your potential customers might be looking for on Google.

As an example of a few titles that we could write about if you are a law firm – we could create an in-depth guide on “How to write a statement for court” – a phrase searched by hundreds of people every month on Google.

If you are a family law practice, we could write articles that would answer questions that people intending to get a divorce have, as an example. Titles such as “Spousal Maintenance – an in-depth Guide” or “How Long Does a Divorce Take – Everything You Need To Know” would bring in thousands of potential clients via the information hub that you create on the website.

Not only that – these useful guides and pages will also attract references and links from other websites on the web, and we all know that links from other websites help increase the authority of your website, and it will start ranking higher for business-related keywords too.

Let’s have another example of a great use case of your blog, section – let’s pretend that you or your client has got a Dog Walking service in a local area, let’s say Oxford.

In this case, the website should host a wealth amount of information related to dogs, but we can also add a local twist to our content strategy. Let’s elaborate.

For the general dog informational pages, we could have articles such as “Can I give Paracetamol to my Dog?” or “Poisonous Christmas Foods for Dogs”.

All of those questions are being asked by thousands of dog owners around the world, and they are regularly being discussed on the web.

But there is also a way to further leverage the content hub, to attract eyeballs from local dog owners.

Here is a cool strategy that we can use:

Find the most popular pubs and restaurants from your area – it can even be local, surrounding villages.

Create a page for each popular venue, entitled: “Is The King’s Arms Pub in Location_name dog friendly?”

This way we could target hundreds of potential clients and dog owners, who at some point could use your service.

You can also create articles such as “Best places to walk your dog in Location_name”.

Now that we have clarified some of the blog and informational type content that we can create, let’s see some other pieces of copy that our team creates.

Product descriptions

For any e-commerce website or online lead generation business, having a compelling, persuasive, unique product description that serves the search intent in the best way possible, is of utmost importance.

A great product description can be the difference between your product page ranking on top of Google, or page 2-3.

With Prime Content, our SEO trained copywriters will craft high quality, persuasive product descriptions that will give your product pages the best chances of being ranked on Google.

Not only that, but our well-polished systems allow us to create product descriptions at scale. We’ve had 200 pages worth of content churned out in 2 weeks, and we can do even more.

Our team of dozens of copywriters, content managers, proofreaders and fact-checkers enables us to produce content at scale, with incredible turnaround times.

Blogger Outreach Articles

If you are doing high-quality blogger outreach either for brand awareness or link building, you might want to have control over the tone and quality of the content that is being placed on the outreach website.

The better the quality of the content, the more positive impact it will have on the actual value of the link that is being placed in the article.

We have created copy for hundreds of blogger outreach articles with impeccable quality, some of our outreach pieces even ranking in featured snippets for the topic that we wrote about in the article.

Usually, these pieces are 1,500 words in length and require less in-depth research than a typical article going on the actual business website. Yet, posting high quality, well written, SEO optimised blogger outreach pieces, can have a thoroughly amplified effect on the link building activity that the outreach article supports.

Press Release

Our Press release service landed massive backlinks for our clients, in high-tier online publications such as The Daily Mail, Metro, Express, MSN, and Yahoo, just to name a few.

With dozens of links and press placements each week for our clients, our content and PR team will craft you a press release and a pitch that is maximised from all perspectives: from applying the right angle to the press outreach story to using the right tone of voice, the right headline, and the right structure, our PR press release is one of the services that we are the proudest of.

In-depth research articles

If you want to present yourself or your client as the expert in their field, an in-depth, pillar article, crafted on a foundation of thorough research in your industry can come as a handy utensil.

Backed by our experienced research team, our copywriters will spend many days deeply understanding the topic, and crafting a 5,000 – 10,000 words, expert insights article in any subject matter.

Our team is in the possession of advanced crawling systems that enable us to collect information from the web like few other content agencies can, enabling us to find data that will support and enhance our clients’ expertise, authoritativeness, and trust.

We hope that the above pieces can shed a light on the type of content that our team is crafting for our clients.

If the above sounds great, and you feel like we can help you too with probably the highest quality content delivered alongside a premium content buying experience, feel free to get in touch and let’s create some amazing content that will rank, and attract backlinks to your website.