Case Studies

Website uses aggressive content strategy to boost traffic 

Content is a strategic investment for any website. It is the best way to boost organic site traffic, position yourself as an authority in your niche, establish a relationship with your target audience and convert readers into customers. 

This website, EduMe has taken an aggressive strategy with their content and is reaping the rewards. 

We plugged this site in to Ahrefs to look at the data behind the scenes.  

In March 2022 the site saw an explosion in organic traffic. In less than a year, they have gone from 0 to more than 26k in average organic traffic. 

In early March 2022, there was an average of 1k organic visitors. By October organic traffic had increased a whopping 2,500% 

A deep dive shows that the majority of traffic comes from the website’s blog. 

The blog dominates the top performing pages on the website. Take a look at the top 10 performing pages by monthly organic search traffic, and 9/10 pages are from the blog. 

To get an idea of how much this is worth in terms of ROI, the current traffic value, according to Ahrefs, is more than $15k. 

We also took a look at the data for the monthly traffic cost of a single article, “5 Best Onboarding Tools for New Employees” in Semrush. 
In the time that the post has been live (September of 2021), the estimated average monthly cost to rank for organic keywords in Google Ads is £90.01 
If the client would have had to get this traffic via PPC, it would have cost them more than £1K. Instead, they were able to get all of this from a single article. 

To find out how this site has been so successful, we analysed their content velocity, the style of content being released and how they clustered their topics. This is what we learned: 

✅  The blog content is helpfully arranged by categories, guiding readers to their right niche. It will also help those behind the scenes working on keyword research for the next blog article by narrowing down the topic clusters. 

✅  The site also has a whole “Resource” section with guides, webinars, news and case studies.  

This works well to be able to internally link across similar topics, which in turn will help Google’s crawlers understand what the site is about and which are the most valuable pages.  It also makes it easy for the site to repurpose content. 

✅ New content is regularly added to the site’s blog. The site ramped up its publishing velocity in 2022, ensuring fresh new content on a regular basis.  

More blog posts mean more reads, more brand awareness, more fans, and this leads to more conversions. 

To drive organic traffic it’s recommended to post 3-5 times per week, although larger companies can push out blog posts every day, and sometimes even multiple times a day. 

✅ The content is laser focused on their niche. The site’s blog articles focus on the customers’ search intent, and the keywords that they have targeted reflect their customers’ interests and needs. 

✅  To increase the chances of the blog articles landing the featured snipped spot in the SERPs, they have used the keyword phrase in the H2 heading following an introduction, often framed as a question. 

✅ The content is easily digestible for mobile readers. The word count for blog articles rarely tops 2000, and there are headings, images, graphs and tables to break up the text. 

✅ They’ve used internal links in articles which helps the site to connect its content and enable Google to understand the structure and hierarchy of the website. 
If a page gets a lot of links, that’s a signal that it’s a high-value one. Internal links will guide readers and Google to the site’s most important pages, boosting SEO. 

✅  They have targeted low search volume, low difficulty keywords. 
Instead of only targeting high-volume keywords (which are competitive and difficult to rank for), the site also shoots for keywords and phrases with lower search volumes. 

Content velocity matters, and this website has used their content to great effect to boost their SEO. 

I hope this has inspired you and your team to ramp up your own content operations!