How to craft the perfect website article

The perfect website article has a clear intention and a defined target audience. It should expertly use structure, form, and language to achieve its intention through the best possible communication with the target audience.

How to write a style guide

Also sometimes referred to as brand guidelines, a style guide is a document containing the specific standards for all aspects of content creation, from writing styles and brand terminology to colour schemes and fonts. We’re going to explain how to write an editorial style guide in nine simple steps.

How to write killer content

Your blog posts, product pages, case studies, and any other form of content must be of a high standard. Otherwise, readers will quickly exit your website and may not return. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what makes a great article, from the layout and process of writing to ways that you can improve your craft.

How to create a tone of voice guide

Many companies find it tricky to pinpoint their brand’s tone of voice, which results in them broadcasting mixed messages to consumers. This can create confusion and a lack of trust – something we’ll expand on a little later.

To help you create a tone of voice guide for your company, this article will outline what tone of voice is, how it helps your brand, a 3-step process to defining your voice, and how to create the guide itself.