What is SEO content and why do you need it?

Many SEO professionals regard content as one of the most important factors in determining how well a website ranks and, thus, attracts organic traffic. However, many newcomers to the industry don’t often know why this is.

What is brand voice?

One of the things business owners sometimes overlook is brand voice. But your brand’s voice is just as important as how it looks. In this article, we explain what brand voice is and why it is so important.

Featured snippets: What are they and how to win them

Understanding the importance of featured snippets is one thing, but knowing how to win them is a different beast entirely. After all, you’re competing with every other website in your niche.

To help you outperform your competitors, this article will explain what featured snippets are, the types of featured snippets you’ll encounter, why they’re so important for SEO, and how to win them.

How to create a tone of voice guide

Many companies find it tricky to pinpoint their brand’s tone of voice, which results in them broadcasting mixed messages to consumers. This can create confusion and a lack of trust – something we’ll expand on a little later.

To help you create a tone of voice guide for your company, this article will outline what tone of voice is, how it helps your brand, a 3-step process to defining your voice, and how to create the guide itself.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a phrase that is often thrown around, but it’s not always clear what it involves or how you can use it. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what content marketing is, how it can help you to reach your company goals and the steps that you need to follow to produce your own successful content marketing strategy.