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UK based, SEO expert content writers

  • Highest quality content, double-vetted and proofread
  • Surfer SEO optimized
  • Keyword research based content
  • Highest quality content, double-vetted and proofread
  • Surfer SEO optimized
  • Content structured for featured snippets
  • Passage indexing optimized
  • Fully ready for publishing, with images
  • Content structured for featured snippets
  • Passage indexing optimized

We’re here to fulfil all your content needs. From snappy press releases, to high-ranking blog posts, to in-depth research papers to slick videos. Get in touch today to discover how we can shake up the SERPs!


How it works

1. Easy To Order

Ordering high quality content on our platform is as fast and easy as can be. Simply contact us using the order form or email [email protected] and our content team will get in touch to see how we can shake up the SERPs for you!

2. We'll Start Writing

Once we receive the order, one of our team members will get in touch with you to discuss about the content, and our talented editorial team will immediately start crafting your articles. If there are multiple articles, we’ll have several team members working on your content, to minimise the delivery time.

3. Delivered in 3 Days

From order to delivery, a usual order only takes 3 days for our team to finish. For heavy research based articles, we might need more turnaround, but for the typical order, your first articles will start arriving within the first 3 days.

Why Prime Content?

Experienced UK Writers

Our content writers are best-of-breed, UK based, high quality expert content writers, employed in-house at our company based in Oxfordshire.

Magazine Quality

Whether you need research based, academic level content, or SEO oriented blog articles that serve the search intent in the best way possible for your target keyword, the quality of our content will amaze you, as much as it will amaze your readers.

Fast Turnaround

We usually deliver your content within 3 days, after placing the order. As we have many content writers, we can scramble talent at the speed of light, to make sure your pieces are delivered promptly and efficiently.

Team work

From a keyword and topic research expert, to the copywriter and proofreader, and the initial brainstorming team meeting, your order will get a special treatment as a standard process that we follow on all content pieces that we craft.

Our Content Ranks

Our content creators have been specifically trained to create and structure the content in a way that gives it the best chances of Google ranking it for your targeted topic, and keywords.

  • Regular blog writing
  • Web page structured content
  • Product descriptions
  • Expert research articles
  • Landing page SEO content

Our Content Writers


Content Manager

Robbie is a mathematics graduate of Oxford University and passionate about science and technology copy. An experienced editor and proof reader, Robbie is a pro at managing our content writers and ensures that all copy that leaves our company is of the highest quality.


Expert copywriter

Eleanor is a Creative Writing graduate from the University of Portsmouth. She has written feature articles and short stories for a variety of online and print publications, including Yahoo and Newsquest. Eleanor particularly enjoys writing content about cosmetics, travel and crafts. 


Expert copywriter

Experienced copywriter and journalist Ellie has written long and short-form copy for national and regional magazines and newspapers, press releases, direct marketing emails, packaging copy and advertorials and blogs for SEO agencies. She’s published content on multiple blogs and websites covering a wide variety of topics. A brilliant writer in any niche, she’s most passionate about writing about travel, sustainability, music and food.


Expert copywriter

Liam is a writer and editor who has been writing in one form or another for as long as he can remember. He enjoys writing about current affairs, politics, and media. When he isn’t writing for work, he can be found working on plays, short stories, and most recently, a novel. 


Expert copywriter

Dipak’s background in digital marketing has allowed him to combine his passions for learning, creating, and writing in one field. He enjoys creating all types of copy, from engaging blog articles to concise press releases, particularly in the realm of tech, fitness, travel, business, and finance.


Expert copywriter

Rachel started her career in PR where she wrote press releases which were covered by many prominent publications, including The Telegraph, The Express, Grazia, MSN, and Yahoo. She enjoys the challenge of writing a variety of content across, but she is most passionate about travel and nature. Rachel also has a particular interest in consumer behaviour and brand image, thanks to her Master’s degree in Marketing.


Keyword research and SEO expert

With over 15 years of SEO experience, Fery will make sure that the content being produced is of the highest quality, and most importantly, it’s been crafted in a way that will maximise it’s ranking potential on Google.

Fery owns and operates dozens of websites that bring in millions of organic users every month from Google, generating thousands of £££ in passive income.

Who is this for?

SEO and Digital Agencies

We work with digital agencies from the UK and the US to deliver them top-class, SEO oriented content that ranks.

If you are a digital agency owner, you probably know that in 2021, content is one of the most important elements of any successful SEO or digital marketing campaign.

We’ll help you plan the content agenda and create content for your clients, based on their target keyword. To put it simple, we’ll surround your money pages with relevant high quality content that will support the rankings of the target page.

AdSense / Affiliate Oriented Passive Income Websites

We help digital publishers with daily or weekly high quality, SEO oriented articles, based on thorough topic and keyword research in their niche.

We also own Ad and affiliate monetised websites bringing in millions of users per month from Google, and we can help you in the same way with your passive income websites.

Internal Marketing Departments of Companies

Heads of digital, and heads of marketing departments of businesses reach out to us to help them with strategic content around their core services.

Any business website can use their blog and content section to expose themselves, and present their brand as the expert in their industry, and our content will help them achieve this.

Web Design / Web Development Companies

We help web development agencies provide fresh content after a website rebuild, or after a re-brand.

In many instances, the clients of web design services don’t have a content team, or a copywriter at hand, to craft the content for the newly designed website, and this is where Prime Content helps with structured, SEO optimised high quality content.

* Delivery time starts from 3 days for one article placed, it can be more for larger orders